Importance of Sex Lubricants

Importance of Sex Lubricants

Sex lubricants have become more popular nowadays as men and women seek for more satisfaction and excitement within the bedroom. When women become sexually aroused, they produce a natural lubricating fluid inside the vagina. This helps easier penetration during intercourse and protects the delicate vaginal tissues. When natural lubrication isn't present due to a wide selection of reasons, intercourse is normally painful, and some women even suffer vaginal problems. In such cases, sex lubricants are important and also where people are practicing anal sex. Best Lubricant for Sex

Exactly what are Sex lubricants?

Sex lubricants, commonly called lubes, are simply specialized lubricants useful for enhancing the pleasure during masturbation or sex. Additionally they help reduce friction during anal sex, because this area does not have natural lubrication. Lubes can even make regular sex more pleasant, even when the woman has sufficient natural lubrication. Sex lubricants will also be necessary when adding adult sex toys into the intercourse.

Forms of Sex lubricants

Water sex lubricants - These are the most prevalent and popular lubricants about the lube market. The advantage with using water sex lubes is always that they can be easily cleaned after sex. Furthermore, additionally they do not have any impact on the latex utilized in the condom. Nevertheless, these types of lubes are not compatible with any sex acts that can be performed inside water like bathtubs, jacuzzis or pools given that they will be dispersed or dissolved in water.

Oil based sex lubricants- Some oil based lubrications are good for menopausal and pre-menopausal women. In such cases, women require stronger lubrication for relieving friction. Nevertheless, oil based lubrications don't really go well when working with latex condoms, so there can be a risk of unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Additionally, these are generally difficult to wash off afterwards. Sex Lube

Silicon based sex lubricants - This is a newer lube that doesn�t absorb to the skin, instead, they stick to top of the skin surface to offer a more durable glide. They traverses other kinds of lubes, they also take time to clean off. In addition, not all of these silicon lubes are usable with latex condoms; hence you can even examine the label.

Flavored sex lubricants - These specialized lubes are used for enhancing the pleasure during intercourse. These are generally meant for external usage only and never internally in the anus or vagina. There are lots of flavors you can choose from based on your own personal preferences.

Different Uses of Sex lubricants

To improve the pleasure of sex
To reduce the pain women experience during sex
To facilitate better anal intercourse
To help masturbation and adult sex toys
Used for gynecological examinations like rectal exams

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